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A Cause Célèbre

  354 PUCK.



THE FOLLOWING correspondence illustrates the uncertainties of trial by jury, and also explains why the claim agent of the Brass Bound R. R. has received instructions to settle all claims, if possible, without litigation.

Mr. CLAME AGUNT. – Dere sur:

Yore rale rode killed a fine Cotswold buck sheap belonging to me last weak. Sheap was wuth fiftean dollars. Pleeze settle rite away and save trubble.

Yors trooly, JOSH HAYRICK.

OLIVER OLLRIGHT, ESG., Div. Sup't Brass Bound R. R. – Dear Sir:

I enclose letter of J. Hayrick, making claim for one sheep, valued at $15.00, killed on this railway week of November 30th – December 6th. Please have matter investigated, and report to me as soon as possible.

Yours, &c., U.B. QUICK, Claim Ag't.

U.B. QUICK, ESQ., Claim Agent.– Dear Sir:

Have had section foreman look up claim of J. Hayrick for sheep killed. He reports that sheep was killed December 4th, by passenger train; that it was a lamb about six weeks old, and not larger than a good-sized cat; that he did not even think it necessary to bury carcass, but took it by the leg and tossed it over in the adjoining field; is of opinion that $2.00 would be a large price to pay for sheep.

Yours truly, O. OLLRIGHT, Div. Sup't.


I have investigated your claim for sheep killed, and we are willing to allow you two dollars in full settlement of same, you to sign a proper release in full of all claims.

Yours truly, U. B. QUICK, Claim Ag't.
  U. B. QUICK.–Sur:

Yore insultin noat reseeved and returned unoapened.


C. D. SHARP, ESQ., Attorney at Law.–Dear Sir:

I enclose summons in the case of Hayrick vs. The Brass Bound R. R. Co., brought to recover for sheep killed. Please give the matter proper attention.

Yours &c., B. F. HYTONE, Gen'l Counsel.

B. F. HYTONE, Gen'l Counsel.—Dear Sir:

The case of Hayrick vs. Company was tried yesterday, to a jury. We introduced the testimony of three witnesses as to the value of sheep; but plaintiff produced ten witnesses, who swore positively that sheep was worth all the way from fifteen to twenty dollars. Verdict for plaintiff twenty dollars and costs, making a total of $42.17, which please remit to clerk of court. I have a clerk at present employed in making out my own bill for services, which I will forward some time this week, as soon as completed.

Very truly yours, C. D. SHARP, Att'y.