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"I think I must write a book. I am almost afraid to undertake a book so early and with so little experience in composition. But it has been a cherished dream, and I feel an influence that I cannot resist calling me to the task. . . . The object of my writing would not be so much the elevation of the colored people as the elevation of the whites--for I consider the unjust spirit of caste which is so insidious as to pervade a whole nation, and so powerful as to subject a whole race and all connected with it to scorn and social ostracism--I consider this a barrier to the moral progress of the American people: and I would be one of the first to head a determined, organized crusade against it."
--Charles W. Chesnutt, written May 1880 in his journal at age 22


Launched in 1997, The Charles Chesnutt Digital Archive offers works by Chesnutt (fiction, essays, reviews, and poems) and hundreds of reviews of Chesnutt's works. There is also a complete bibliography and manuscript section (images and transcriptions) that is in development. Plans include expanding the manuscript section and converting the site to TEI.

Many people have contributed to the site, including John M. Freiermuth, who found and scanned the contemporary reviews, and Mark Ellison and Jeremiah Duerson who contributed to the design.

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