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[Review of The Marrow of Tradition]


By Charles W. Chesnutt.

Up to the present time it has been our pleasure to read quite a few books on various subjects and without boasting we can honestly state that of all the works so far written by Afro-American authors, none of them can surpass the latest effort in the literary field. "The Marrow of Tradition" by Charles W. Chesnutt, who today is the greatest and most fascinating Afro-American writer on this continent.

"The Marrow of Tradition" deals with the "Race Problem" in the South and while it is based or founded on fiction yet the white and black characters which pass before our view while perusing the book are true to life; the diction used by Mr. Chesnutt throughout the work is superb and it is a book that can be read with profit by all classes. "The Marrow of Tradition" is printed on fine Aberdeen paper, bold-face type and it consists of 329 pages. It sells for $1.50 and it is from the press of the great publishing house of Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and New York City, and if our means would permit us to do so, we would present every public library and educational institution throughout this country with a copy of "The Marrow of Tradition."