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Spingarn Medal

Spingarn Medal

The Committee on Award of the Spingarn medal announces that the fourteenth annual award is made to: "Charles Waddell Chesnutt, of Cleveland, novelist, short story writer and public spirited citizen."

The Spingarn medal is supposed to go to some Afro-American for most distinguished achievement in some field of honorable endeavor. It is given to Mr. Chesnutt for his "pioneer work as a literary artist depicting the life the struggle of Afro-Americans, and for his long and useful career as a scholar, worker and freeman of one of America's greatest cities."

All that the committee on award of the Spingarn medal says about Mr. Chesnutt is true.

As there have been made thirteen other awards of the Spingarn medal, and as Mr. Chesnutt wrote and published two books in 1899, one in 1900, and another in 1905, why the delay in awarding him the medal at this late day? It would seem to us that if he was entitled to the award, and we do not deny that he was, he has been unjustly treated by being compelled to wait for thirteen years after his last book was written and published.