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[Review of The Colonel's Dream

Having already signalized his devotion to the colored people through the writing of several novels in their defence, Mr. Charles W. Chesnutt plunges still more deeply into the problems of the present with "The Colonel's Dream." His latest story is both truth and fiction. It explains the disadvantages under which a reformer labors, and it evidences the prejudices encountered by anyone–no matter if he be Southern born–who attempts to better Southern conditions in ways that do not accord with time-honored principles and prejudices. "The Colonel's Dream" is well written and well told, and it should accomplish a mission of enlightenment that the South and the Southerners sorely need. It is especially worthy of attention and consideration in these days of the rampant and intolerant Thomas Dixon, Jr. The volume is issued by Doubleday, Page & Co., who, in the exigencies of the bookmaking trade, are also the pervasive Dixon's publishers.