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Chesnutt's Latest Story

"Chesnutt's Latest Story"

"The Colonel's Dream," by Charles W. Chesnutt: Doubleday, Page & Co.

"To the great number of those who are seeking, in whatever manner or degree, from near at hand or far away, to bring the forces of enlightment to bear upon the vexed problems which harass the South, this volume is inscribed with the hope that it may contribute to the same good end." Chesnutt's new story, "The Colonel's Dream," which is now in process of publication.

Judging from the advance sheets of the volume this story is bound to be interesting. And if Mr. Chesnutt has written with his accustomed insight, it ought to contribute appreciably to the "good end" of a proper understanding of the racial problem.

The tale on which the story is built is that of the return to his native Southland of a business man who has made his fortune in New York city. In his new invironment the conflict between his businesslike ways and the ways of the old-fashioned people cause both comedy and tragedy. Apparently a study of the change from the old South to the new South? We await the publication of this book with much interest.