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[Review of The Colonel's Dream]

Present-day peonage in the South which the arm of the federal law has been trying to uproot, forms a part of the reason for the writing of Charles W. Chesnutt's story "The Colonel's Dream." Colonel French, a southerner goes North and makes a fortune and later returns to the scenes of his youth, where the methods which a northern business training had imparted are not liked, though they are disliked less than are certain sympathies for the condition of the blacks which also had entered into the colonel's mind and heart.

The story is one of a struggle of conviction tempered with love for adversaries against prejudice and passion. Mr. Chesnutt has written a strong tale from his point of view–a story with human interest entering into every chapter. The problem is still far from solved, however, but it may be that this book will lead some one to see the light and lead the way to its shining. (Doubleday, Page & Co.)