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[Review of Frederick Douglass]

"FREDERICK DOUGLASS." By Charles W. Chesnutt. "The Beacon Biographies." Boston: Small, Maynard & Co.

[This little volume] maintains the high standard set by previous publications in "the Beacon" series of biographies. Mr. Chesnutt's sketch of Douglass is admirably sympathetic and gives one a vivid impression of the orator as he appeared in the prime of his powers, "a magnificent figure, tall, strong, his head crowned with a mass of hair which made a striking element in his appearance."

The earlier chapters, concerned with Douglass' life in slavery, his daring escape and important work he did in Great Britain and Ireland, where he was greeted with enthusiasm and succeeded in doing much toward influencing intelligent British subjects to take up the anti-slavery cause, are of special interest as discloseing the less-known phasees of Douglass' active and varied life.