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[Review of The Conjure Woman]

I have just been bustin' my side a'laffin over Chesnutt's "Conjure Ooman[sic]," copy of which has just been sent me by the publishers, Houghton, Mifflin and Co., Boston. They ain't na'er a book in the dialect language, that can a proach it in originality, naturalness, and trueness to the life of the Negro of the day before yesterday. It has the flavor, which only a Negro writer could give to a collection of the folk lore of the race, and every page shows the master work of a consummate artist, who thoroughly understood his business when he evolved from his "think thing." "The Conjure Ooman[sic]." The white folks who write Negro dialect are not in it with the men of our race, who find this class of writing pleasurable, as well as profitable. Mr. Chesnutt can go on up to the haid of the class. He's powerful smaht man, sholy.