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The goal of The Charles Chesnutt Archive is to make works by and about Chesnutt readily and freely accessible to scholars, students, and general readers.

One of the most important African American writers working before the Harlem Renaissance, Charles Chesnutt was born in 1858 in the North but grew up in the South where he attended a North Carolina school funded by the Freedman's Bureau and where he witnessed the end of Reconstruction and the limited but important political gains Reconstruction had made possible for African Americans in the South.

Early in life Chesnutt decided to devote himself to becoming an author, and after several years as a teacher in North Carolina normal schools, he visited New York in 1879 hoping to find an entree into an elite literary world. In 1883, he settled in Cleveland and he began publishing stories in the Atlantic Monthly and other literary magazines. By 1901, Chesnutt had published three novels, one biography, and two collections of short stories, and by his death he had published over one hundred stories, essays, reviews, and poems. His oeuvre represents a magnificent achievement in American letters, and he was the first African-American fiction writer to see his works reach a national audience.

A recent renaissance in Chesnutt studies has made some of his published and unpublished works available in modern editions, and several etext libraries include selected works. But there is no comprehensive digital archive for Charles Chesnutt, and that is the goal of this site. Currently, the site offers thirty six stories, seventeen essays, one novel, one biography, three poems, and five reviews by Chesnutt. In addition, the site offers over three hundred reviews of Chesnutt's works and other essays and notices about Chesnutt. The Archive will continue to grow and change always with the goal of providing a comprehensive digital collection of Chesnutt materials and a collection that meets the evolving standards for electronic scholarly archives.

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