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Pages 5 and 6 for the text "Rena," the story that will eventually become The House Behind the Cedars. Click on the manuscript image to get a version that can be magnified.

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do in a given contingency.
He had noted the strongest
instinct in Rena, and
Miss Molly's curiosity
about the Traveler;
and his own interest
in the situation was
apparent to his father,
who was walking alongside
of him.

"Here you go ag'in,"
remarked the old man,
"both'rin' yo'se'f an'
wastin' mo'er my
tine 'long on dat
yaller gal."

"I ain't," replied
Frank, defending
him. "I wuz jes'
wond'rin' wat who
dat mullater man


wuz an'd w'at business
he's got at in dis

"Ya's, I knows,"replied
the old man, "an' if
he hadun' be'n
lookin' at dat gal
an' she had n' be'n
lookin' at him,
an he wuz n'
guwineter stop
in dis neightbo'hood,
you wouldn' keen
nuffin' 'bout 'im.
You can't fool me,
boy, but you er
makin' a fool
er yo'self. You
jes' don mark my
words - you er
makin' a plumb
up-an-down fool