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Pages 3 and 4 for the text "Rena," the story that will eventually become The House Behind the Cedars. Click on the manuscript image to get a version that can be magnified.

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stout brown neck and
sleek and shining
hair,she had
shen hastened to a rear
window as he stood
talking to Frank.
She hastened to a
rear window and
watched him eag-
erly until he
had crossed the
bridge over the
canal, and ^ she then
came out on the old

"I wonder who
that kin be?" she
exclaimed excitedly.
"Rena, did you hear
what he axed Frank?"

"No," replied Rena,
"I was too far away."


"Well," rejoined her mother,
"it's a pity yo' ears
wuz n' sharper. Kinder
walk out to'ds the front
and see which way
his buggy-tracks come
befo' he truned
off 'n Front Steet.

Rena went ^ nonchantly over to
the side gate, with assumed
and walked toward
Front Street. Frank
from the cooper-shop
watched her every
motion, and divined
her purpose. He had
observed the two women
so closely and for
so long a time that
he knew almost
what they would