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Below are pages one and two from manuscipt pages for the text "Rena," the story that will eventually become The House Behind the Cedars. Click on the manuscript image to get a version that can be magnified. As additional images and transcriptions are prepared, live links will be added to the index below.

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Rena, sitting on the back piazza,
looked up from the pota apples
she was pealing, to encounter
a pair of bold black eyes
fixed upon her in evident
admiration. The stranger
drew rein for a moment,
looked as though he meant
to address her, but hesita-
ted, ^ turned his eyes away and directing his
course diagonally
toward the other side
of the street, spoke
to Frank Fuller,
who was working by
the window of the cooper-
shop. What he said
she could not dis-
tinguish, but it was
apparent from
Frank's gestures
that he was giving
the stranger directions

how to find some
place. The stout man
nodded his thanks,
threw another ^ long glance across
his shoulder at Rena,
slapped the mare with
the buggy-rein, and
drove on toward Back

Miss Molly had heard
the sound of wheels ^ the horse's
hoofs as the buggy passed
by the front part of the
house, and had run
to the window and
looked out between
the slats of the Venetian
blinds; but the traveler
had gone so far past
the window that she
could ^ see only see his
broad back and