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Stephanie P. Browner, editor

This site offers an extensive collection of works by Chesnutt, including novels, short stories, essays, reviews, and poems. In addition to electronic versions of those works by Chesnutt that are readily available in print, our collection includes hard-to-find stories, reviews, essays, and poems, (including one transcribed from a manuscript in the Chesnutt collection at Fisk University). Many of the texts have been scanned directly from original print periodical versions. The site also includes a deep collection of reviews by others of Chesnutt's works, and a bibliography of primary and secondary sources. The site began as a course project, and the contributions of many of those students can be found in the historical contexts. More recently, John M. Freiermuth has made a major contribution to the site by finding, scanning, and proofing the contemporary reviews of Chesnutt and adding to the fiction, essays, and poetry collection. Mark Ellison and Jeremiah Duerson have provided important design work and revision. Please send suggestions and comments to Dr. Stephanie Browner:

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