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Currently, the site offers sixty three texts of the more than one hundred and forty texts by Chesnutt that were published in his lifeime. More specifically, the site includes thirty five short stories, the French translation of one story, one novel, seventeen essays, and three poems. Seven of these texts have never been reprinted since their original magazine publication (two of the stories, the French translation, two essays, and two poems). In addition, this section of the site includes a transcription from a mansucript in the Chesnutt Collection at Fisk University of an unpublished poem.

A few of these texts are available in other electronic libraries (e.g. those stories that were published in the two collections brought out in Chesnutt's lifetime are available at Google Books and at "Documenting the American South"), but many are presented here for the first time in a digital format. When possible we have scanned the texts from the original print source.

Later this year and in the first few months of 2008, We will be adding digital images of manuscripts from the Charles Chesnutt Collection in the Fisk University Library's Special Collections. A preview of one page is available at Manuscripts

Please request permission before reprinting any texts presented here.

Finally, you may want to visit the Reviews section of the site. Here we have collected more than three hundred reviews that were published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines and written by Chesnutt's contemporaries.