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Tobe's Tribulations

"Tobe's Tribulations"
Southern Workman, XXIX (November, 1900), 656-64.
(Reprinted in Short Fiction, 1974, pp. 97-105).
The Conjure Woman and Other Conjure Tales, 1993, pp. 183-193.

In this Uncle Julius tale of conjuring mishaps, a slave becomes a bear, a fox, and a frog in his efforts to runaway, but he never gets to the North.

The text was scanned from the original magazine copy in the Jackson Library at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro or from a copy secured through interlibrary loan from other libraries across the country. The scanning was done in the Jackson Library computer laboratory by John M. Freiermuth. The OCR scanning was done through the Caere Omnipage Professional 9.0.

Initial proof reading was performed by John M. Freiermuth. Additional proofreading was performed by Stephanie P. Browner in 2007. The digital text makes some attempt to reproduce features of magazine publication such as headline formatting for titles of works. The digital text presents the original without change. Obvious typographical errors are indicated with [sic], but expressive and irregular spelling, punctuation and capitalization are neither altered nor noted with an editorial comment.

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