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Race Prejudice

"Race Prejudice"

Originally delivered as a speech to the Boston Historical and Literary Association, "Race Prejudice" imagines a "stone by stone" dismantling of race antagonism as the black middle class grows and prospers. Rich with numbers and statistics, Chesnutt's speech chronicles black achievements and black poverty, and he calls for full civil and political rights for all Negroes. He has little tolerance for the new ideology of race pride, and he envisions instead a nation of "one people molded by the same culture."

The text was scanned from the original magazine copy in the Jackson Library at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro or from a copy secured through interlibrary loan from other libraries across the country. The scanning was done in the Jackson Library computer laboratory by John M. Freiermuth as a part of his Senior Thesis Project. The OCR scanning was done through the Caere Omnipage Professional 9.0. Proof reading was performed by John M. Freiermuth, and the project was completed on November 1999.

Click Here for the etext of Race Prejudice; Its Causes and Its Cure.