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What Is a White Man?(1889)

A Multitude of Counselors"(1891)

Resolutions Concerning Recent Southern Outrages (1892)

Why Is a Book Popular?1899

The White and the Black (1901)

A Visit to Tuskegee (1901)

The Negro's Franchise (1901)

Superstitions and Folk-Lore of the South (1901)

Obliterating the Color Line (1901)

The Free Colored People of North Carolina (1902)

The Disfranchisement of the Negro (1903)

Peonage, or the New Slavery (1904)

Race Prejudice; Its Causes and Its Cure(1905)

Advocates New Social House(1905)

Frederick Douglass: Preface and Chronlogy(1906)

Lincoln's Courtships (1909)

Women's Rights (1915)