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DECEMBER 17, 1899: Illustrated Magazine Section

In The Realm of Fresh Literaure


American Biography for Busy Men.

The lives of eminent Americans, written by competent men, in a concise and at the same time entertaining style, bound in handy volumes, are something that ought to make glad the hearts of men who do not have any too much time to spare. The demand for such publication has been felt for some time, and it is now being met happily by the booklets that are brought out under the editorship of M. A. de Wolf howe, bearing the general title of "The Beacon Biographies."

[John Brown, By Joseph Edgar Chamberlain. Price 75 cents. Aaron Burr. By Henry Childs Merwin. Price 75 cents. Frederick Douglass. By Charles W. Chesnutt. Price 75 cents. Small, Maynard, & Co.: Boston.]


"American Biographies for Busy Men," review of Frederick Douglass in "Biography," Los Angeles Times 17 Dec. 1899: Illustrated Magazine Section 19.