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W. Chesnutt. Houghton, Mifflin and company, Boston. For sale by St. Paul Book and Stationary company.

Our best short stories come from the South, for there a writer finds best material out of which to weave charming tales. The "Conjure Woman" is a book, consisting of seven well-written stories, all dealing with the negro superstitions of the South. They are wonderfully interesting, and show a masterful delineation of the negro character and its childish creduility which makes these superstitions such a great part of the negro's life, with their influences upon him for good or evil.

"The Conjure Woman" is just such a book as one would be glad to have to while away an otherwise long hour.

Anon. "The Conjure Woman." In: "Books of the Hour." The St. Paul Globe. April 23, 1899: 14.