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This article appeared in vol. L . . . no. 16,046 Wed., June 12, 1901

Plan introduced in Constitutional Convention to Disfranchise
90 Per Cent of the Black Vote.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. June 11.--The first part of the new State Constitution was adopted to-day by the Constitutional Convention. The office of Lieutenant Governer was created and the Governer's salary raised from $3,000 to $5,000. The terms of the executive officers were lengthened from two to four years, but they are ineligible for re-election. The Governer cannot become a candidate for United States Senator within one year after the expiration of his term.
The most sweeping suffrage scheme yet brought forward was that introduced to-day by Mr. Burns of Burnsville. It provides that the following classes shall not vote:
"Those who are illegitimate or loafers or who may be infected with any loathsome or contagious disease.
"Those who have been convicted of treason, bribery, forgery, larceny, robbery, bigamy, seduction, incest, murder, rape or attempt to rape, arson, or burglary.
"Those who are descendants of parents who are of or descendants of two or more races; those who shall have married any women having a living husband from whom she has not been legally divorced; those who have committed any assault and battery on his wife or step-daughter."
This law would destroy 90 per cent of the negro vote, and the ex-slaves who are not debarred will be less than 5 per cent.


This article appeared in vol. LII . . . no. 16,633 April 28, 1903.


This article appeared in vol. XXXIII . . . no. 10, 057 Thurs., Nov. 29, 1883.


This article appearded in vol. XXXI . . . no. 9,535 March 30, 1882. In the next to last sentance the term "Jim Crow cars" is used in description of the railway cars set aside for blacks.


This article appearded in vol. XXXI . . . no. 9,549 April 16, 1882. It is the southern version of the story above, which conflicts with the previous story even down to the spelling of the bishop's name.