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Helen M. Chesnutt Timeline

(This page was created by a Berea College student as part of a course on Chesnutt.)

1881: In December, Helen M. Chesnutt is born to Charles W. Chesnutt and Susan (Perry) Chesnutt.

1893: Helen enters Central High School.

1897: In June, Helen graduates from Central High School.

1902: Helen goes to Baltimore to teach. Then she begins substituting in Cleveland public schools. When she teaches at Cleveland public schools, she influences many of her students including a boy by the name of Langston Hughes. She then teaches at Central High School.

1917: Helen tours Europe with her father.

1921: In the summer, she begins to teach Latin at the Foreign Language School at Western Reserve University.

1925: Helen receives her M.A. at Columbia University.

1927: In November, she suffers a ruptured appendix followed by peritonitis.

1952: Helen publishes her book, Charles Waddell Chesnutt: Pioneer of the Color Line.

1969: Helen M. Chesnutt dies at the age of 88.