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Edwin J. Chesnutt

(This page was created by a Berea College student as part of a course on Chesnutt.)

1883: In September, Edwin J. Chesnutt is born to Charles W. Chesnutt and Susan (Perry) Chesnutt.

1897: In September, Edwin enters Central High School.

1901: In June, he graduates from Central High School. In September, he is rejected by Harvard and enters Dummer Academy in South Byfield, Massachusetts.

1902: In September, he enters Harvard.

1905: He graduates from Harvard in June. Later, he goes to Europe to study and to improve his health.

1906: In November, Edwin returns from Europe.

1909: He goes to West Virginia and gets a position as a stenographer and begins studying law.

1910: Edwin accepts position at Tuskegee Institute in May.

1913: In January, he begins to study dentistry at Northwestern University.

1915: He graduates from Northwestern University. Then he passes the State Board Exam and is licensed to practice dentistry in Illinois. He opens a dentist office in Chicago.