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Dorothy K. Chesnutt

(This page was created by a Berea College student as part of a course on Chesnutt.)

1891: Dorothy K. Chesnutt is born to Charles W. Chesnutt and Susan (Perry) Chesnutt.

1909: In September, she enters the College for Women of Western Reserve University.

1913: In June, she graduates from Western Reserve University.

1914: In January, she begins working as a Probation Officer in Juvenile Courts in Cleveland.

1918: In February, Dorothy starts to teach in Cleveland public schools.

1920: She begins to teach English and French at Willson Jr. High School.

1921: During the summer, she does graduate work at the University of Chicago.

1924: In March, she marries John G. Slade.

1925: In June, her son, John Chesnutt Slade, is born.